Happy Tails

One of the most important jobs we have at the rescue is finding the perfect home for each dog.  All of the dogs that come into our care are given whatever time they need to recover both physically and mentally. We are never in a rush to re-home any of our dogs, some have stayed with us for only a few weeks and for others it has taken months to get them back on their paws and ready for their new homes.  We spend a lot of time getting to know our dogs and then work really hard to find the best home for their individual needs.  We truly believe that the perfect home for each dog is out there and we are prepared to wait until that perfect forever home comes along.  Our rehoming process can take a long time and is always based on the needs and the welfare of the dog. Here are some of our fabulous dogs that have found amazing forever homes.


Grace was a breeding bitch in a puppy farm, her only value was the pups she gave birth to. From the minute we met her it was clear that she was an adorable little girl. Even though life had been pure hell her tail never stopped wagging. Grace needed extensive surgery and lots of TLC to get her back to full health. We found the perfect home for Grace and now her family can't imagine life without her. She is her Mum's little shadow and follows her everywhere.  She loves to sit at the window watching the world go by and giving a little obligatory woof every now and then!  Looking into her eyes and thinking of the life she had breaks their hearts but now she only knows love, cuddles and being spoilt.  What more could we ask for!


Max was surrendered to the rescue and it wasn't long before his foster family realised that Max was perfect for them. In fact I think they'll agree it was love at first sight.  Here's a little of what they've told us about him “ Max is a happy and very affectionate member of the family.  He loves his walks but most of all he adores cuddling up on the sofa. Life is so much better with him in it. He brings joy and happiness to everyone he meets and we have met so many of our neighbours now because of him.  We are thrilled that Max found the perfect home for him.  


Evie came to the rescue from the pound and from that very first day we knew she was going to be a special little girl.  Despite fear and pain her tail never stopped wagging and her inquisitive nature shone through. She required extensive surgery and rehabilitation. Evie found an amazing home and this is what her family have to say about her. “Evie has quite literally changed our lives. Her doggie brother Brody adores her and looks after her all day long. She is a plucky little character and makes us laugh every day. She has improved our lives every day since she arrived and we love her very much”.


When we first saw Cassie in the pound her eyes broke our hearts, such fear and deep sadness, a truly broken spirit.  She needed intensive vet care and surgery to overcome years of breeding. Her eyes are now full of life and love.  Cassie is now fit and healthy, full of mischief and living the life she always deserved with two other Schnauzers and wonderful parents. She shows such bravery conquering her fears. Her two biggest loves in life are eating and running - the pure excitement and delight at every mealtime is infectious and watching her running free on her daily walks is just pure joy.  We are so proud of her strength, she is one special girl, loved by so many.


When Roxy was surrendered to us she was very nervous and quite snappy.  With lots of positive training and patience she quickly became a confident little cuddle monster. She is so intelligent and playful and even though she is tiny, she is the life and soul of the house. She adores playing with other dogs and when she's tired she loves to sleep with all four paws in the air on a comfy lap.  She is very much treasured in her forever home.


Annie came to the rescue as a surrender and it wasn't long before we found the perfect family for her. Annie's Mom writes this about her “Annie is a true princess. She's settled in so well with our other 2 Schnauzers and they're a happy, boisterous little pack!   She adores her squeaky toys, but her real love in life is having her belly rubbed.   Everyone who has met Annie has fallen in love with her.  We had never considered a rescue dog and thought our family was complete until we saw Annie.  She has brought so much joy to us - she's the life and soul of our home. We're so lucky to have her in our lives and we love her to bits.


Molly was surrendered to the rescue and was adopted by her foster mum and her Schnauzer brother.  This is what Molly's Mum has to say about her - “Molly has shown me that no two Schnauzers are alike and that having two Schnauzers means double the fun.  Molly is lively, loves her food and is the boss in the house.  She is spoilt rotten and gives the best snuggles ever.  


Freya was surrendered to us due to her owner becoming very ill, previous to this she had lived at a puppy farm. She was very nervous and unsure of herself and needed lots of encouragement to help her overcome her fears.  Here's what her mum has to say about her now  “Freya is here a year now and yes some things still scare her but my darling girl has no concept of personal space, she has become my shadow. Freya has run free on the beach, in the park, has gone on holidays and has brought such joy to my life. I'm not sure who rescued who. Mammy loves you Freya, always and forever “.